Alaska – The Last Frontier

Danskoya (Norway), Hokkaido (Japan) and Alaska (USA) are three places I’d like to visit someday with my wife & kids.

The serenity, blistering cold, vast spaces of wilderness, tributaries of flowing rivers & lakes, majestic coastlines, the rich history of local natives are just some of the reasons why I am drawn to these remote places.

I don’t spend a lot of time watching television. But if I do, I set aside time to enjoy documentary shows about Alaska on the Discovery Channel, PBS and other stations.

The blog post title is one of those shows alongside “The Last Alaskans”, “Life Below Zero”, “Alaskan Bush People” and many others.

What I find most fascinating with these shows are the endless stories about survival in the outdoors, family and ancestral history, team work with family members & neighbors, passed on traditions and rituals and most importantly – being responsible by taking advantage of opportunities to the fullest.

yours truly, @warehouseninja