squid-1 process being killed

If you disable swap on FreeBSD running Squid, the kernel will kill the process when traffic going through Squid goes up. So do yourself a favor and enable swap. And leave it alone. :)If you disable swap on #FreeBSD (12.1-RELEASE afaik) running Squid, the kernel will kill the process when traffic going through #Squid goes […]

The need to stay humble

Life requires taking risks, is full of unexpected turns, uncertainty of situations and black swans, as @nntaleb would point out. Working as a warehouse & driver’s helper for a luggage company has been a learning & rewarding experience. The opportunity to interact with shop owners who share valuable insight to small business survival is priceless. […]

@vultr, SSH tunneling & jump host

I’ve got a few @vultr instances that have Squid listening for connections that I also use to tunnel through my local machine’s HTTP/HTTPS traffic. In the example config below, Piscataway is the “jump host” to Frankfurt & Tokyo Remember to modify the “username”, “ip address” & “port” values accordingly. Also, I’m assuming you already have […]

WordPress Security Tips 2019

Before you install the latest and greatest hyped WordPress security plugin out there, first, do some basic inventory of what lives in the DocumentRoot – depending on your setup, there may be several of these locations. Manually examine them closely using a shell or file browser. Setup a @vultr VPS for $6/month and utilize the […]

Remittance & eLoad/pasaload

Our favorite websites offering remittance & eLoad/pasaload services for loved ones in the Philippines. remitly.com xoom.com smartpinoyload.com webloading.globelabs.com.ph morbie.com smart.com.ph globe.com.ph For an added layer of security, use 2-Factor Auth if the service supports it. Touch/Face-ID support is also available for most recent iOS devices.

troubleshooting Apache 2.4.x/mod_dav issues

Resolving issues when you encounter 401 (auth) or 403 (forbidden) related errors is relatively easy. Tailing log files and looking at directory/file permissions from the console is the starting point. But what happens when you encounter what is called an “500 – Internal Server Error”? It turns out, there are multiple levels of logging available […]