just enough

There are times when God only provides just enough for you to get by. Not over, not under, just enough to pay the bills. These are times when you really need to ponder more about humility, gratitude and contentment.

2014 Mac mini & supported macOS versions

Whenever possible, I like to keep macOS High Sierra on a separate HPFS+ formatted partition/volume alongside Mojave & Catalina. I do this mainly for recovery/troubleshooting/testing purposes among other things. Separate but somewhat distinct. While the iMac 2020 5K only supports macOS Catalina and onwards, the Mac mini (late 2014) supports Yosemite (10.10.x) all the way …

HP ZR30w Display w/ DP input

The DP (display port) input of this 30″ screen works well with the mini-DP output of a MacPro (2010/2012), MacBook Pro 2013/2012/2011 and certain Lenovo/Thinkpads models. This display unit is very portable (has a handle along the frame) and supports up to 2,560 x 1,600 resolution. Great for web browsing and watching movies/videos.