Vultr / FreeBSD / Squid Notes

You can run multiple instances of Squid on the same instance and bind it to floating IPs. Just use: “squid -f /path/to/squid.conf2” to startup the process alongside “squid -f /path/to/squid.conf2 -k reconfigure” to refresh any config changes. If you’re using a custom IP:PORT config in squid.conf*, and use a Firewall on your @Vultr instances, just […]

Google and Facebook tracks you

Software like Brave and browser-based privacy plugins that block ads and trackers are wonderful – but protection is limited to your web browsing activity. Trackers and beacons exist beyond your browsing habits. Apps on your smartphone and tablet are designed to connect persistently over HTTP and HTTPS with servers to collect analytics data. These data […]

Filter Your Internet

Do you have a vacuum at home? Do you drive a car or take the bus to work? Does your home have centralized air? There’s one thing they all have in common: AIR FILTERS Air filters are designed to capture a certain amount of particle “pollutants & allergens” for later disposal. These particles are tangible […]

Quick Notes

a 2.5″ HDD with macOS High Sierra installed originally from an MBP Early-2011 does not boot properly when used with a MacPro5,1 – you’ll have to select the drive and run Startup Disk > Restart for the system to “bless” it. Mac OS X Lion on a MacPro5,1 requires the DVD installer (Recovery errors out […]