troubleshooting Apache 2.4.x/mod_dav issues

Resolving issues when you encounter 401 (auth) or 403 (forbidden) related errors is relatively easy. Tailing log files and looking at directory/file permissions from the console is the starting point. But what happens when you encounter what is called an “500 – Internal Server Error”? It turns out, there are multiple levels of logging available […]

OpenSSL 1.1.x & TLS 1.3

Looking under the hood, it looks like OpenSSL 1.1.1a is the default install on FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE base. We use Squid 4.4 & Apache 2.4.37 both of which had to be recompiled. Just a few notes if you share a similar configuration: build /usr/ports/security/openssl111/ or use pkg Once all modifications are finalized, restart Apache and fire […]

Alaska – The Last Frontier

Danskoya (Norway), Hokkaido (Japan) and Alaska (USA) are three places I’d like to visit someday with my wife & kids. The serenity, blistering cold, vast spaces of wilderness, tributaries of flowing rivers & lakes, majestic coastlines, the rich history of local natives are just some of the reasons why I am drawn to these remote […]

Bootable USB Drives with Rufus

written by Pete Batard, this neat tool helps you create bootable USB drives of various types of operating systems. It supports .img and .iso source files just to name a few. The software is free & open-source and can be downloaded from At, we utilize Rufus to create & maintain bootdisks for Windows […]

WebRTC in Firefox & Chrome

If you don’t need WebRTC, you can disable it: In Firefox, type about:config in the URL bar then search for media.peerconnection.enabled, highlight it then right-click and select Toggle to set the Value to false In Chrome, install the WebRTC Leak Prevent plugin by Aaron Horler and set the IP-handling policy to Disable non-proxied UDP (force […]

VirtualBox, FreeBSD, Squid & Reverse SSH Tunnels

Update: 4/23/20 – if Squid 4.11 chokes with http_port and /etc/rc.conf is configured for DHCP, modify it to http_port listening_port and the reverse tunnel should work again. *** Update: 4/10/20 – just quick note that using “localhost” with these reverse tunnels will not work if SSHD, Squid or some other service is configured to […]