IP range vs. single IP

If you’re running Squid instances that you share with friends and family (for content filtering, etc…), remember to pay attention to using a combination of IP ranges and single IP address entries with ACLs. Else, your going to be allowing your instances to be open proxies. And that’s not good. Remind yourself to tail access_log… Continue reading IP range vs. single IP

Twitter suspended my account

It’s been two days since Twitter decided to suspend my account. Still waiting for an email from them explaining exactly what i violated in their Terms of Service. I re-tweet a lot of posts by Japanese photographers/models, for the most part. I believe they permanently suspended @danskoya because in my first inquiry, i mentioned “snowflake”… Continue reading Twitter suspended my account

first impressions: @vultr Bare Metal Server w/ pre-installed FreeBSD 12.0

I signed-up to be on the waiting list last week, but quickly noticed today there was a spot available. They had a promo with 2 x 240GB SSDs so I took the bait and tried out their Bare Metal Server running a pre-installed FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE amd64 (my choice). Deployed and in less than 3 minutes,… Continue reading first impressions: @vultr Bare Metal Server w/ pre-installed FreeBSD 12.0

@vultr, SSH tunneling & jump host

I’ve got a few @vultr instances that have Squid listening for connections that I also use to tunnel through my local machine’s HTTP/HTTPS traffic. In the example config below, Piscataway is the “jump host” to Frankfurt & Tokyo Remember to modify the “username”, “ip address” & “port” values accordingly. Also, I’m assuming you already have… Continue reading @vultr, SSH tunneling & jump host

WordPress Security Tips 2019

Before you install the latest and greatest hyped WordPress security plugin out there, first, do some basic inventory of what lives in the DocumentRoot – depending on your setup, there may be several of these locations. Manually examine them closely using a shell or file browser. Setup a @vultr VPS for $6/month and utilize the… Continue reading WordPress Security Tips 2019

Remittance & eLoad/pasaload

Our favorite websites offering remittance & eLoad/pasaload services for loved ones in the Philippines. remitly.com xoom.com smartpinoyload.com webloading.globelabs.com.ph morbie.com smart.com.ph globe.com.ph For an added layer of security, use 2-Factor Auth if the service supports it. Touch/Face-ID support is also available for most recent iOS devices.