Filter Your Internet

Do you have a vacuum at home? Do you drive a car or take the bus to work? Does your home have centralized air? There’s one thing they all have in common: AIR FILTERS

Air filters are designed to capture a certain amount of particle “pollutants & allergens” for later disposal. These particles are tangible (something you can touch, feel and see with your own eyes).

In the realm of Internet connectivity, there are virtual “pollutants & allergens” let’s call it “noise” that is a bi-product of aggressive promotional advertisements, collection of analytics / behavioral patterns / app statistics that tends to get out of control and become invasive (like popups) and add more latency (due to persistent requests among other things). As a result, you end up paying your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for more bandwidth (speed) than you really need.

Instead of solely relying on Anti-Virus/Malware developers, ISPs, VPN (virtual private network) providers and certain types of 3rd-parties to perform “content filtering” for your devices, you can do it yourself using free & open-source software.

FreeBSD and Squid are examples of free & open-source software that can be used to to leverage content filtering at a local level – within your LAN (local area network).

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