FreeBSD 13 on Vultr Notes

UPDATE (10/12/21):

There’s a workaround provided by Vultr engineers. More details at.

You can use the official FreeBSD 13 ISO file on Vultr, but with a caveat.

There are shutdown and reboot issues if you don’t add this line to your /etc/rc.conf file.


Even if you ran “freebsd-update fetch install” to grab the latest updates, as of this writing is “-p3”, running “shutdown -r” or “shutdown -p” will cause the instance to halt, thereby requiring you to issue a hard restart via the Vultr panel to gain control again.

Growing disks after upgrading plan

Before you proceed, go over the documentation:

gpart recover vtbd0 

The line above is the show stopper. Without it, you can’t resize the partitions correctly. Just errors upon errors. Again, review the documentation properly, else, you might just loose data.