I provide in-person or over Facetime computer lessons for local residents of Dumont, NJ and surrounding areas. I charge $15 per topic, cash only.

Listed below are just a few topics I can cover:

  • Apple MacPro 5,1 – installing macOS Lion (10.7.5) through macOS Mojave (10.14.x)
  • Using Squid Proxy to locally filter your Internet access and reduce noise (trackers, beacons, etc…)
  • Installing Windows 10 (build 2004) on a MacPro 5,1 and/or compatible PC/laptop
  • Selling on eBay & Amazon, using ShipRush, shipping with USPS, Fedex & UPS
  • Using Apache HTTP to locally or remotely (via a VPS) run a WordPress web site
  • Vultr VPS 101 – installing FreeBSD, setting up Apache, mySQL, Squid, DNS/Domain hosting, etc…
  • Starting fresh with macOS and/or Windows 10 (full wipeout and reinstalling the operating system)
  • Basic computer networking and connecting devices
  • Private & local file sharing for family members (using Apache/mod_dav/OpenSSL)
  • WordPress security under Apache HTTPD without using 3rd-party plugins
  • Transferring files via WebDAV/S (WebDAV over HTTPS)
  • Using FreeBSD as a jump host / VPN server using SSH tunnels (forward/reverse)
  • Configuring your home router remotely securely over SSH
  • Online privacy and being proactive with security best practices
  • and much more!