New York Xpress TBL-074 – 30″ Rolling Duffel Bags in Assorted Colors

Available in 3 different color combinations, you can now purchase one or more of these rolling duffel bag designed by New York XPress on Amazon for about $58.97 includes free shipping. (Grey/Blue) (Grey/Red ) (Grey/Green)

These 30″ rolling duffel bags have a large U-shaped opening makes for easy access to packed travel essentials. Lightweight design and smooth rolling wheels for effortless mobility. Multiple organization pockets and comfortable carry handles.

The need to stay humble

Life requires taking risks, is full of unexpected turns, uncertainty of situations and black swans, as @nntaleb would point out.

Working as a warehouse & driver’s helper for a luggage company has been a learning & rewarding experience. The opportunity to interact with shop owners who share valuable insight to small business survival is priceless.

Small shops catering to local folks and tourists are scattered all over New York City from Canal St. in the heart of China Town, to College Point and along Jamaica Ave. in Queens.

Deliveries take you to through narrow city streets and the Midtown/Lincoln/Holland tunnels going in/out of Manhattan, seeing endless crowds of people and going over the scenic George Washington, Tappan Zee, Verrazano-Narrows & Throgs Neck bridges.

Despite getting berated a few times by moody customers, product fall-outs from the hand truck and my personal backpack stolen by a thug in Brooklyn – these random experiences has taught me the need to stay humble, calm and collected.

All photographs on this post were taken with an iPhone 4S by @danskoya_desu

WISDOM WD-8805 3-piece Luggage Set

Available in Black, Silver, Navy, Orange & Rose, you can now purchase this 3 piece luggage set from Amazon for about $139.98 with free shipping. (Rose) (Navy) (Orange) (Black) (Silver)

The set includes a 20″, 26″ and 30″ suitable for domestic & international travel. Each luggage features compression straps, lined interior with pockets, and push-button recessed lock. They are also expandable, ergonomically designed with reinforced frame, hardshell case and a built-in TSA lock.

Media Library permission checks in WordPress

If permissions to ~/uploads/ are not set correctly (or was modified in some manner), deleting media will only delete database references (item(s) will disappear from the Media Library view) but the actual files are not deleted.

However, when uploading media, permission errors are displayed.

This seems to be the the default behavior.

When was the last time you checked the contents of ~/uploads/ directory?

IP range vs. single IP

If you’re running Squid instances that you share with friends and family (for content filtering, etc…), remember to pay attention to using a combination of IP ranges and single IP address entries with ACLs. Else, your going to be allowing your instances to be open proxies. And that’s not good.

Remind yourself to tail access_log files as often as possible, or setup some type of reporting so you’re fully aware of who’s trying to access the web through your private proxies.

Twitter suspended my account

It’s been two days since Twitter decided to suspend my account. Still waiting for an email from them explaining exactly what i violated in their Terms of Service.

I re-tweet a lot of posts by Japanese photographers/models, for the most part.

I believe they permanently suspended @danskoya because in my first inquiry, i mentioned “snowflake” and “trigger” and that’s a bad combo for SJWs hired by Twitter to be moderators. Besides that, my birthday was set to December 1, 1899

I suppose it is time to move on. More writing.

leftover PIDs causing FreeBSD to autoreboot

We had a power loss at home not too long ago which caused my FreeBSD box to reboot endlessly despite running ‘fsck’

It turned out there were several existing PID files leftover in /var/run/ that were not deleted by the system after power came back. It was baffling because the system would go through the normal boot processes, startup services and when it was about to start SSHD, a crash dump or some sort of kernel panic is displayed. A few seconds later, the system would reboot and do it over again.

Booting into single-user mode and running “fsck” several times did not remove the leftover PID files. Once they were deleted, the system booted normally.