Here’s a few offerings of mine available for a very limited time:

Apple AirPort Express A1392 Wireless WiFi Router / Extender

Includes a (sealed box) Leitz Mini Bluetooth Mobile Speaker with built-in card reader, Y-adapter mini-USB to USB / 1/8 3.5mm stereo cable for connecting to Apple Airport and charging.

Airport Express is updated to latest 7.8.1 firmware.

Airport Express is a solid WiFi extender and/or versatile personal router to keep your network preference consistent.

Custom Proxy / VPN + Apple Airport A1521 Extreme A1392 Express Wireless Extender

Updated with the latest firmware. 7.8.1 (Express) / 7.9.1 (Extreme)

The Airport Express has an audio output for connecting to speakers or amplifier.

Includes setup & configuration walk-thru of a custom Proxy / VPN device (a VM, old laptop or desktop computer) that sits behind your router that works alongside a Vultr VPS.

Share your custom Proxy / VPN with friends & family for basic content filtering.